From reverse logistics and data sanitization to auditing and remarketing of end-of-life equipment, our 21-year history and value added services have led to long-standing partnerships with the largest Data Center & Cloud Service Providers in the world.

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Maximizing the value of decommissioned equipment for our customers we thoroughly evaluate and test re-marketable components prior to redeploying them to our global network of buyers.

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Choosing the right company to manage and protect your company’s data is a critically important decision. We offer on-site shredding for hard drives and other data containing materials and we offer off-site hard drive sanitization, which renders data unrecoverable.

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Contracting with a R2 Certified company ensures that your IT equipment is managed according to the highest industry standards with a strong emphasis on reuse of End-Of-Life equipment and components.

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Green Leaders

From our environmentally–conscientious R2 Certified facility to our extensive testing and evaluation process, which maximizes reuse potential of all equipment, Urban Mining2 can help provide the most economic returns on your reusable assets.

In 2013, we broke ground on our state-of-the-art R2, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001 certified recovery facility. Urban Mining2 is not only capable of network decommissioning, asset refurbishment, destruction services and development of trade-in programs for data centers, we also extract the highest percentage of commodities from e-Waste. In other words, Urban Mining2 knows how to save green, while being green.

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About Urban Mining2

The technological roots for Urban Mining2 began in Boulder, Colorado in February 1996. Both Urban Mining2 and R2 Disassembly, the company’s e-Waste recycling division, are Veteran-owned and founded. We are proud to have been a part of this industry’s rapid evolution over the past two decades. The experience we have gained is a distinct benefit for those we serve.

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Our Team

Our staff is experienced in handling each aspect of data center asset disposition, from the coordination of removal to reuse and recycling and we are thought leaders in our industry. Our decades of experience, combined with our desire to continually refine and improve our processes goes beyond expected certification standards — because Urban Mining isn’t just a job, it’s a commitment to the environment and its resources.

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Corporate Confidence

With over 21 years in IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), we have the expertise and experience to handle all of your corporate needs while adhering to the highest industry standards. From telecommunications and cloud computing to utilities and government agencies — we have gained a lot of experience in partnering with major businesses and organizations. Are you ready to partner with the best?


We track all decommissioned IT assets as they are recycled or reused — enabling Urban Mining2 to be fully transparent with our clients, beyond standard reporting.  We also mitigate risk for our clients by monitoring and mitigating our impact on the environment and adhering to strict industry standards.

ERP System

At Urban Mining2 we catalog, analyze, sort and recycle millions of assets annually. Utilizing our proprietary Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System, we track all your assets with the highest level of accuracy and detail possible — from commodity classifications down to serial numbers.

and Removal

From the decommissioning of complete data centers to systematic retirement of IT assets, our skilled team will handle all aspects of equipment removal, secure data destruction and IT asset remarketing with our streamlined ITAD services.

and Recycling

Re-usable chips and components are harvested from recyclable assets by skilled laborers using our refined asset recovery process. This helps ensure the maximum amount of component recovery possible at our R2-Certified facility.

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